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Owens Corning Insulation & Roofing

Very large sku lines (ranging from 50 to thousands of skus) are worlds unto themselves—their very number and diversity adding layers of complexity to package design, print production and subsequent production file management. Even large companies can find it difficult and costly to manage these packaging systems in-house: Keeping large lines coherent—informationally and brand-wise; maintaining design consistency across a variety of substrates, print technologies and structures; and managing the stream of ongoing production art updates such as: new formulations, regulatory changes, channel-specific formatting and multi-lingual applications.

That is why for the last 17 years, Owens Corning has relied on Damen Jackson as their print production file manager and principal packaging designer for all roofing and insulation products—that’s responsibility for dozens of separate product lines totaling hundreds of skus. Owens Corning knows our design and production processes are highly flexible, detail-oriented and scalable—guaranteeing time-sensitive production changes to a large number of sku’s for every imaginable printing environment. Our long-term working relationship delivers significant bottom-line benefits. Because we know Owen Corning’s products and processes, we don’t need to come up to speed—saving management time and ensuring a smooth and accurate job every time.


Print File Management

Package Design

Brand Standards



Print File Management

Owens Corning insulation and roofing products comprise dozens of lines totaling hundreds of skus. Packaging information is frequently updated. We are entrusted with managing and maintaining all production files—keeping them up-to-date and accurate. It’s an ongoing responsibility that includes making all file changes and updates, including codes and certification changes, die changes, translation coordination, addition of new products and channel-specific communications. And because Owens Corning uses a variety of substrates, printing techniques and structures, our extensive experience in print production is extremely valuable—ensuring that the visual design maintains a consistent appearance across all applications.




Packaging Design

As Owens Cornings’ principal design partner, we create designs for new product lines, redesign existing lines and interpret and roll-out third-party designs to all line skus. Our recent design work includes:

  • A comprehensive redesign of all Owens Corning roofing lines.
  • Creating a new umbrella brand—Total Protection Roofing System—tying together roofing shingles and accessories distributed at big box stores.
  • Created a standards document for rolling out the brand to additional products as well as applications for various media.

Brand Standards

Maintaining brand consistency across multiple product lines over time is always a challenge. Visual identity elements have a tendency “to drift” as changes are made to the system and new products are added. Part of our responsibility is making sure that all branding elements continue to be presented cohesively and following established standards as packaging changes are instituted. Damen Jackson also creates packaging standards documentation for extending brand elements to other media such as advertising.


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