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Fisher Chef's Naturals

One of the challenges for any brand is to continuously find ways to lead their market through product and marketing innovation.

DJ helped Fisher update its Chef’s Naturals packaging to better communicate the healthful, utterly fresh goodness of their nuts to the "at home" cook. With premiere positioning supported by an integrated marketing campaign, Fisher Chef’s Naturals quickly became the #1 brand of recipe nuts in the market.


Consumer Research

Package Design

Communication Strategy



Consumer Research

Research showed that an updated and simple look to the packaging inspires clean eating, cooking and baking. Damen Jackson took that to Fisher’s brand. Instead of dressing up the packaging, we simplified it, thus giving the consumer more than just a bag of ingredients. It gave them inspiration. Inventive, heart-smart recipes, complete with prep and cooking times, were added to the packaging. Shopping lists were provided to help navigate the store aisles and better plan the meals. The consumers had spoken. Now the new packaging was speak back to them.


Packaging Design

Damen Jackson recommended bigger windows, easier-to-read fonts and simplified messaging. The new look reflected what the consumer wanted to see of themselves—slimmed down and tightened up. The updated logo enhances communication that further drives home the no preservatives message and that all nuts are naturally NON GMO. Choice images added excitement and discovery. The clear, defining brand element we created drives homes the message that Fisher Chef’s Natural nuts are the ideal ingredients for the ideal meal.


Communication Strategy

A clean package should have an equally clean informational format. The updated design features a consistent information hierarchy with optimal placement of all branding elements and product information. A package that is easier to read makes it easier to shop and easier to use. Now all that anyone has to do once their Fisher Chef’s Naturals are in hand is get cooking.



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