We are a brand-focused creative agency based in Chicago.  


We leverage creativity to generate distinctive solutions to our clients’ business challenges. 


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For 20 years, Damen Jackson has delivered intentionally simple and effective brand, marketing and visual design programs. The result? Clear, memorable brand experiences for our clients and their consumers.

However, creating simple solutions is far from easy. Simplicity is challenging – sometimes incredibly so. It requires strategic thinking, a powerful process and an ability to connect dots that don’t always seem like they should connect. But the power of a simple solution cannot be denied; just look at the most successful brands in the world.



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Strategic. Creative. Collaborative.


Damen Jackson provides comprehensive brand solutions ranging from strategy, naming and identity programs through packaging and product design. We value client input and collaboration throughout the process, so there is never an “us vs. them” mindset.



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Being a great brand agency today means staying relentlessly focused on one thing: delivering simplicity.
— Ron Farnum, Damen Jackson Founder

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