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Premium Choice Carefree Kitty

When your top retailer tells you that your cat litter packaging needs an update, you know something stinks. Such was the case for Premium Choice. Damen Jackson created lively new packaging, brand identity and merchandising designs for the brand, protecting its position with their #1 customer.


Brand Identity

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Brand Identity

Consumer research with cat owners yielded interesting insights. Most importantly, we discovered cats have a powerful influence over what type of litter is purchased by their owners. The owner may purchase the litter, but the cat determines if it gets bought again. This insight helped us explain the product’s core business DNA, which in turn helps consumers know what to expect.

We had no idea what our brand stood for. Damen Jackson helped us create consumer meaning for the Carefree Kitty brand through a refreshed identity and packaging.
— Melissa M.


Package Design & Communication Matrix

Speaking directly to the needs of both the cat owner and the cat(s), we created a unique communication matrix that split the product hierarchy in two parts–one set of features and benefits for the owner, and a different set for the cat(s). This simplified the buying decision and showed that Premium Choice Carefree Kitty knew how to relate to their customers. The iconic, playful kitty character supported the carefree positioning of the brand. Each type of litter featured its own cat with varying colors and markings, for clear differentiation between products. The lively, informative and relatable packaging was ideal for retail display. The whimsical brand voice in the packaging copy aided in promoting the fact that even litter can be part of the fun of being a cat owner.


Merchandising & Sales Collateral

To support the new brand package design rollout, Damen Jackson created printed sales materials and in-store merchandising concepts. These helped greatly with the overall success of refreshing the relationship between Premium Choice Carefree Kitty and its top retailer.


Brand Standards Guide

A comprehensive brand standards guide was created to assist the client with future brand, product promotion and internal and external communications.



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